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My Journey

Zomy is the founder of Trybe meals.  Coming to Canada alone at the age of 16 with no idea how to prepare or find delicious healthy meals, he soon fell into the western fast-food trap and climbed up to 300lbs on the scale at the age of 18.

Zomy Ibe, July 22nd, 2020

Determined to find himself again, he worked through excuses and bad habits linked to food and body-image. In the process, he developed discipline and learned how to exercise intensely and cook more nutritious meals.  Within 6 months of eating these whole foods with low preservatives and natural ingredients, he lost 100 lbs and quickly understood how easy it actually was to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


After refining these recipes through collaborations with professional cooks and nutritionists, he has put together a collection of his favorite macro-balanced meals during his natural 100lbs transformation.  His goal is to share these delicious meals with many other health-conscious individuals who refuse to eat bland diet food all across the Niagara region and eventually Ontario-wide! 

He says it's all about using premium ingredients and eating the right portions consistently.  Enjoying delicious guilt-free meals helped prevent Zomy from binge eating and jumping from one unsustainable diet to another.  TrybeMeals are for people who want to perform at their best inside and outside of the gym and many others with no time to meal prep and portion just to feel incredible in their own skin.  

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